The title was originally known as the B.S.W.A. World Heavyweight Championship (1988-1998). When the SWE took over the title in 2002 it became the SWE World Heavyweight Championship and, in May 2005, the S.W.E. changed the title to the SWE British Style Wrestling Championship. In 2006, the SWE World Heavyweight Championship was reinstated and has been in use ever since.

The very first champion was a wrestler named The Prince Of Pain from Newcastle. He was undefeated until October 1998 when he faced the rising Scottish Star Bravehart. This was the first time the Prince of Pain had been defeated in over 10 years. Bravehart held the title until 1st may 2004 when he lost the title to Daemon. Daemon the title for 2 weeks before losing the title again to Bravehart on 18th of may 2004.


Bravehart remained champion for a further 6 months until he lost it in his best of five tournament where faced five wrestlers in singles competition. After 4 successful defences he lost to Karnage in the final match on 28th november 2004. Karnage kept the championship for 4 months, then finally lost it to Korneilius on 16th march 2005. Korneilius kept the SWE World Heavyweight Championship for 2 months and remained undefeated until the title was taken out of commission.

The new SWE British Championship was presented to Korneilius in Alyth town hall on 14th of may 2005 by SWE Commisioner Bravehart.

The SWE World Heavyweight Championship has since been re-instated by the SWE and is now fought for by the leading Heavyweights in the SWE.

The SWE British Championship was merged with the SWE World Championship on friday the 23rd november 2007 in a title for title, winner takes all match between British Champion Claymore and Heavyweight Champion Randy Valentine with Valentine coming out the winner. The two titles have now been merged into the SWE World Heavyweight Championship.



BRAVEHART :- October 1998- 1st May 2004 (BSWA)

DAEMON :- 1st May 2004 – 18th May 2004 (SWE)

BRAVEHART :- 18th May 2004 – 28th November2004

KARNAGE :- 28th November 2004- 16th March 2005

KORNEILIUS :- 16th March 2005 – 14th May 2005

The Heavyweight title was taken out of commission by the S.W.E. in May 2005 and replaced by the SWE British Style Championship. The title was reinstated one year later in February 2006.

CHAZ PHOENIX:- 5th February 2006- 25th March 2006

NATHAN REYNOLDS:- 25th March 2006- 20th July 2006

(NATHAN REYNOLDS stripped of the Championship while under suspension in July 2006)

VACANT:-  July 2006 – 3rd September 2006

CHAZ PHOENIX:- 3rd September 2006 – 11th October 2007
(Won 15 man over the top rope battle royal to win title)

RAVISHING RANDY VALENTINE :- 11th October 2007 – 20th June 2008

RANDY VALENTINE was stripped of the title in June 2008.

TITLE VACANT :- 20th June 2008 – 27th June 2008

THE TARTAN TERROR :- 27th June 2008 -5th September 2008
(Defeated Bravehart to win title)

CLAYMORE :- 5th September 2008 – 6th December 2008

JOHNNY LIONS :- 6th December 2008 – 12th December 2009

SCOTTY SWIFT :- 12th December 2009 – 4th June 2010

CHAZ PHOENIX :- 4th June 2010 – 28th August 2010

ARRON BLAZER :- 28th August 2010 – 3rd October 2010

(AARON BLAZER was stripped of the championship and released from SWE in October 2010)

TITLE VACANT :- 3rd October2010 – 15th October 2010

CHAZ PHOENIX :- 15th October 2010 – 16th April 2011
(Won a 4 way Elimination match against former champions Scotty Swift, Johnny Lions, and Randy Valentine.)

MR NEWS:- 16th April 2011- 29th July 2011

CLAYMORE:- 29th July 2011 – 27th August 2011

BRAVEHART:- 27th August 2011 – 16th November 2012

MR NEWS:- 16th November 2012 – 1st December 2012

BRAVEHART:- 1st December 2012 – 30th March 2013

MR NEWS:- 30th March 2013 – 24th August 2013

DAMIEN O’ CONNOR:- 24th August 2013 – 25th January 2014

IAN AMBROSE:- 25th January 2014 – 28th February 2015

JOE HENDRY:- 28th February 2015 – 29th August 2015

LJT:- 29th August 2015 – 26th March 2016

STALLYON:- 26th March 2016 – 28th August 2016

TVG MR EUAN G MACKIE:- 28th August 2016 – PRESENT