Professional Wrestling Championship

The success of wrestling has grown enormously in recent years. WWE is the main actor in this success. A look back at this entertainment that has managed to marry sport and theatre.


To join WWE wrestling, you must first realize that it is a sporting entertainment. Fighters are engaged by the WWE, to fight on a square ring, in a multitude of the fighting form (2 contre1, cage, change of rules, etc.).

The sporty side in the form. The background takes a scripted way, where the fights are prepared (the winner is known in advance), and where the history around the fight is dramatized, either in the ring or behind the scenes. Wrestlers usually take a stage name, and their life is invented. Nevertheless, many injuries happen. The actors must be very precise and set up exceptional catches. They are professional stuntmen, and no detail should escape them. When you’re facing WWE fights, always tell yourself you’re at the theater.


The league was founded by Vincent Mahon in 1963. His family was already in the middle of fights (boxing and wrestling). At its inception, the league was called WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation). Years of competition with the NWA ended in 1985 with the creation of Wrestlemania. This great catch show shows itself a great mass taking place once a year. The success is huge. A golden age is coming. The league was renamed the WWF.

This 2.24-meter wrestler is a Frenchman

Unfortunately, the movement is ending. In 1993, the WWF New Generation made its appearance (again wrestler), to counter WCW (presence of former wrestling star) and ECW (harder and bloodier). In 1999, the WWF regained its beauty. RAW, the Monday night show regains audience, and a second show appears for the WWF (named WWE in 2002, to differentiate them from the Animal Defense association of the same name), Smackdown.

The ECW was purchased in 2003 as the third branch (2005) of the WWE. This same ECW disappeared in 2010, replaced by the NXT (beginning wrestlers). All this for a boy!

Current operation

The WWE is currently divided into two programs, Raw and Smackdown. Raw which is aired on USA Network on Monday night. The second program is called Smackdown, which aired on Friday nights. Wrestlers fight in the same show (exceptions can happen). A lottery is held each year for redistribution.

As far as the Champions belts are concerned, there are 6 of them. We have the WWE Intercontinental Championship for Raw. The heavyweight championship of the United States, for Smackdown. The team and Diva championships can be played in both shows.

WWE also offers special evenings, where many big fights take place (the shows often have the scenarios that revolve around these monthly events). These evenings are not under Smackdown or Raw, but in Pay per View. Here is the list of the most recurring, each having a peculiarity :

Night of Champions, No Way Out, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Backclash, Royal Rumble, Judgment day, and the most well-known, Wrestlemania.

The great wrestlers

Throughout the history of WWE, many stars have left their mark on the minds of the world. A pantheon was created to honor the greatest wrestlers in the league. Here is an overview According to the Times :

André Le Géant: this 2.24 meters wrestler is a French and the first great wrestler at the beginning of the WWE. He suffered from many health problems and died in 1992 of a heart attack.

The Undertaker

Bret Hart: this Canadian made his mark in the 1980s and 1990s. His father, Stewart Hart, was a wrestler in the middle of the last century.

Hulk Hoggan: 6 times champion

Triple H: currently active, he is the most successful wrestler in WWE with eight titles, as well as five heavyweight titles.

The Rock: former American football player, he became the first to win 7 WWE champion titles. He had a career as an actor after he left wrestling.

Undertaker: this character remains the most striking, both because of his longevity (he wrestles since 1984), and because of his character outre tomb, forever linked to the image of WWE. On the eve of his 50th birthday, he remains active and remains very popular.

John Cena: his large muscle mass and charisma make him a very popular wrestler today. At the same time, he began a career as an actor.

WWE saw a lot of wrestlers go by. The ones I just mentioned are inescapable, but others remain very well known in history.