Professional Wrestling

The fight (formerly” Lutta”, of the Latin Luca) is a fight between two opponents or even the phase of combat where the two contenders end in blocked direct contact. The term refers in particular to techniques, movements and counter applied in order to obtain a physical advantage, such as positions of dominance, exits and memories, or to injure an opponent. It is mainly studied and put into practice for sport and competitive competition, but also in martial art, for self defense or military training. There are many styles of combat, each with different rules between the two traditional sports (popular wrestling) than among modern combat sports; each terminology adopts the vocabulary and also differs in the same techniques and actions, it is because each has its own history and has been affected by the cultural conditioning the society in which it evolved.

History of the fight

Combat is one of the oldest forms of combat. The origins of the struggle date back to 15,000 years ago through the walls of the caves painted France. Archaeological discoveries Babylonian and Egyptian wrestlers show using most of the techniques known in current sports competitions. In ancient Greece, the struggle occupied an important place in Legend and literature; there are already references in ‘ Iliad, in which Homer recounts the struggle in the context of the Trojan War confrontations between the thirteenth and twelfth centuries before our era[1] in some brutal aspects, the Greek struggle was the main discipline in the ancient Olympic Games. Ancient Rome it attracted much of the Greek struggle but eliminated most of its brutality and “sporty” character in favor of a more focused approach to the physical and mental training of citizens and soldiers.

During the Middle Ages, the struggle remained popular at the regional level and was supported by many royal families, including French, Japanese, and English. lottatorie techniques are described in the manuals of European martial art of Renaissance, a means of self-defense integrate the use of fencing techniques. In the East, however, military training, like that of the Chinese imperial guards or samurai, involved using melee techniques if the weapon was lost, as in Shuai Jiao or jiu-jitsu. Forms traditional struggle develop in many parts of the world, from Scandinavia All ‘India.

The first American colonies imported a strong tradition Lotteria England. Settlers found even among Native American forms of struggle. Amateur combat flourished in the early years of the United States and became a popular activity in fairs, festivals, festivals, and military exercises. The first national batch tournament was held in New York in 1888, while the first wrestling competition at the modern Olympic Games was held in 1904 in St. Louis.

In 1912 the International Federation of Associated Lotte (ROW) was founded in Antwerp. Recently, it was renamed United World Wrestling.

Over the 20th century, you have differentiated several new lottatorie sports (Western and Eastern tradition), as well as simply entertainment, have converged into pro wrestling.

currently the states-World Wrestling, under the jurisdiction of the International Olympic Committee, recognized the following specialities in sport as agents of international styles, and establish unique rules and management of sporting events worldwide.